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As part of our dedication to providing high-quality dental health care, we use advanced dental technology and equipment to enhance our ability to serve you better. Here are just a few of the dental technologies we use every day at TranscenDental Group.

Intraoral cameras

Intraoral cameras are tiny cameras that fit into your mouth, allowing you to “see what your dentist sees.” We use them to help our patients see what is happening inside their mouth, and also to let them see dental work such as restorations first-hand.

Panoramic X-rays

The panoramic X-ray travels around your jaw while taking a single image, providing a full width view of your jaws and teeth. This allows us to see your teeth, mouth and jaws as a whole, allowing us to detect injury and decay, assess the health of your bone tissue, and determine placement locations for dental implants.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use digital imaging technology to provide higher resolution X-ray images than traditional dental X-rays. They are also safer than traditional X-rays because they use less radiation to generate images. The higher-resolution images provide much more detail about the health of your teeth and bones than film-based X-ray images, allowing us to make more accurate diagnoses.

Biolase Waterlase laser dentistry

Laser dentistry replaces dental drills and scalpels for some dental procedures. Because a laser has no moving parts or cutting edges, it can drill through tooth enamel or cut through gum tissue with much less trauma and injury to surrounding tissues. This allows us to place fillings with a minimum of pain, and to make incisions in your gums that are less painful and which heal faster than incisions made with a scalpel.

Digital impressions - iTero

The iTero system takes 3-D digital scans of your teeth, allowing us to take impressions without using traditional implant trays and material. Digital scans allow us to take precise measurements of your teeth, allowing us to produce restorations such as crowns and bridges with a very high degree of accuracy, resulting in restorations that fit better and are more attractive.

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